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Our Services

Building the Next Generation ‘Trading ALGOS’ with customized Fund & Risk Management

Now, you can develop your own Algorithmic Trading Software/Bot with any Broker on Indian Exchange or numerous International Exchanges/ Brokers

Efficient Strategy Building Platforms for the better Real Time Executions


Our Products

Design & Develop your own Algo Systems to Trade Algorithmically & Systematically that Allow you to Auto-Trade

Automated Trading Systems to benefit you & your clients for ages. Reduce emotions & stress by trading algorithmically without following the market minute by minute.

Adapt the fastest evolving financial technology systems with incredible & intelligent functionalities that improve Trading Performance & Speed for market participants, with perfect rule-based trading.

Turning Trading Ideas into Automated Algos

We can turn any trading idea into code. Angel's provides a platform where we Code and Automate your strategies in Python for different Markets like; Indian & International Stocks, Cryptos, and Forex. We also provide Back-Test and, Paper Trade.


Custom Strategy

Reliable and Error Friendly Trading Systems


Live Trading System with Backtesting and Paper Trade


Works on Options, Equity, Commodities, Crypto, Forex etc

Live Trading System

Automated Systems on the Live Platform for Various Brokers

How it differ from any other algo trading software

Automated trading software makes it easy for you to turn on the trading terminal, activate your program


Allows Multiple Clients

Multi-client trading is quick and easy so you can trade in or out of one or more stocks/commodities/forex/cryptos for multiple clients with just a blink of an eye & you can activate multiple trading accounts with different brokers also.


Eliminates Human Emotions

Human traders are majorly prone to typical manual errors, emotional and psychological influence on trading decisions, algo trading eliminates any scope for human emotions ruling your head and making you place trade based on rules & principals.


Faster & more Accurate

The biggest benefit of adapting algorithmic trading is speed, the orders are executed within a fraction of second which is humanly not possible and the execution speed is so accurate that it places the trade at the most précised price point


Dhvanil Choksi


I wanted to give 7 star to Angel's Virtual World. Unfortunately, i can't. Great work in option selling strategy. Thanks

James Black


Again fantastic work by Team. Managed very complex order management part at their best level.

Ravi Gupta


Excellent work great communication and very professional. I will work with this company in my future projects.

Manjeet Chillar


People at Angel's Virtual World are amazing to work and always ready to help Will definitely go back to them in the future.



Angel's Virtual World met all my requirements and did so with great communication and professionalism. I will be hiring him again.

Dilip Kumar


Angel's Virtual World did a fantastic work right according to my requirements. They know what they are doing and do it perfectly.