Get the Most Powerful
Algo Trading Platform for
Constant Returns

Angel's Virtual World provides fully automated superfast strategies based algo trading software, that can place trades on your behalf with no human intervention. Make your expert trading strategies open for real trading across all our supported brokers, without having to write a single line of broker integration code. Moreover, your strategy is directly available for all new compatible brokers, integrated after your strategy is deployed.

We have delivered more than thousand Algorithmic Trading Platforms till Dec 2022. Some of the unique platforms are displayed herein with complete execution process explained through videos below.


Option Trading Algo - Bot with Fund Management

Receive signal from the server and place orders in multiple user accounts on multiple brokers.

  • Receive and execute signal in users account.
  • Multiple users and multiple brokers.
  • Users can add no trade zone and Fund management feature.
  • Strike Change feature by points.
  • SMS & Signals to Trade Automation - Algo Based on AI

    Receiving signals from social media platforms/groups (Telegram, WhatsApp) and can place automated as well as manual selection of orders to be placed on multiple clients on multiple brokers.

  • Add Users for different brokers
  • Admin can opt direct trade from SMS signals or one-touch trades of signals
  • Manual Select/Automate which message to trade from the pending page.
  • Select which platform to run on paper testing mode or live account mode
  • Add or remove your groups of different platforms
  • i

    HFT Crypto - AlgoBoss (Binance)

    Works on RSI Cross-Over in Binance Futures (COIN-M & USDT-M)

  • Users can select multiple otpions eg. Scripts, Timeframe, RSI Period, RSI Bands, Change Leverages.
  • Upon Cross-Over Performs High-Frequency Trading based on the Parameters selected in the 24-hour Crypto market.
  • User can Square Off Trades with the click of a button, run multiple Scripts on multiple timeframes simultaneously, UI.
  • Options - Trade Scalper (Desktop Application)

    A complete fully automated algo platform that’s carefully crafted to automate option traders’ time-based strategies.

  • Options to enter into any trade or exit trades
  • Complete OI Analysis window
  • Trend Analysis on based of OI
  • User can reverse the Trade and trailing stop-loss
  • Multiple users can be used this application simultaneously